What do Americans think of Polish Food?

Written by on November 12, 2020

Polish cuisine. Ah, the crème of the crop. My mouth is already salivating just thinking about placki ziemniaczane sizzling on a stovetop and the comforting aroma of a warm bowl of zurek. 

If you’re like me, then you grew up eating Polish food and have continued to love it. But what always intrigues me is what non-Polish people think of our food. 

CNN wrote an article on Polish Independence Day about the best Polish food to try. The word they chose to describe it was: “heartfelt.”

Heartfelt because babcia is serving it? What do they mean by that? Well, they explained themselves: 

We’re talking mind-blowingly delicious, wholesome dishes served up in generous portions.”

You can say that again. I agree with everything they’ve said, with a particular emphasis on “generous portions.” I cannot remember a time where I didn’t almost fall into a food coma after eating a Polish dish. After all, there is a reason “pierogi” doesn’t have a singular form. 

So what Polish food does CNN recommend. Here’s the full list:

Kotlet Schabowy
Silesian Kluski
Placki Ziemniaczane
St. Martin’s Croissant
Torun’s Gingerbread

I’m impressed. They seemed to have nailed the most iconic dishes. Did they miss anything? What do you think? 

Now that you’re hungry, be sure to check out our podcast interview with Flavor of Poland’s host, Aleksandra August, here. Also, if you really love food, tune in to “Tasty Thursday” every Thursday at 4PM on 130.1FM.

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