4 Year Anniversary?!

Written by on September 25, 2020

Nobody’s denying that time flies by when you least expect it, but the flow of time this year feels ESPECIALLY fickle. Days feel like minutes; months feel like years. What happened at the beginning of this year? What season are we in? Where did the time go???

When I opened up my Facebook today, I got another reminder about just how quickly time can pass.  Right smack on the home page was a reminder that, 4 years ago today, I got behind a radio microphone for the first time!

Baby Adela at the WRSE Elmhurst College Radio Studio

WOW!  What a lifechanging moment.  I was so much more nervous – and more quiet! – back then.
I will never be able to thank WRSE 88.7 FM enough for teaching me confidence, giving me business skills, kickstarting my podcast The Underbelly Hours, and helping me find my passion.
I would never be working for WPNA FM now if I didn’t take that first  step 4 years ago.
So as we head into the weekend,  as we head into more of this crazy, nonstop year,  use this time to take some chances with change. Don’t be afraid to try something new.  You never know where your next passion or inspiration could come from.
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