A Meme-Worthy Adventure

Written by on September 28, 2020

W końcu dotarliśmy do tego czasu.  Memy już można znaleźć w muzeach….  przynajmniej na krótki czas 😉

This Saturday I surprised my fiance and a few friends with a trip to Chicago’s first pop-up “Meme Museum”.  Hosted by 6th Dimension Productions in Humboldt Park, the spectacle included 2 floors of memes, a painted mural, meme merchandise, and even a life-sized statue of the famous “This is Fine” dog –  perhaps the best accidental mascot of 2020.

The basic event was free, but for just a couple of bucks, I managed to snag us all the  21+ VIP experience: which included BYOB, late night viewing, and a live DJ mixing up party anthems.


Photo of the Meme Museum first floor gallery. Photography by Block Club Chicago

Photo of the Meme Museum first floor gallery. Photography by Block Club Chicago

Sharing a pumpkin-spice soda with my home-dawg.


Mieliśmy całkiem fajny czas! Muszę wam powiedzieć, że oglądanie memów w publicznych miejscach jest całkiem inne niż w domu; można śmiać się razem i powymieniać się historyjkami.  You could argue about which ones you think are good, which ones are relatable, or which ones you simply don’t understand!

Jedyną rzeczą, którą zmieniłaby to muzyka. DJ grał niezłą muzykę, ale KOMPLETNIE przegapił szansę zagrania, no taką MEMO-WA muzykę! ((Aka: trochę dziwną muzę, taką jak “Numa Numa”, “Mario Theme Song”, “Caramell Dansen” itd)).


It was far-cry from a high end Museum, but the fun lighting, good music and wide variety of memes definitely made it a worthwhile experience.  Can’t wait for the day when Memes will be officially added to our history books &  places of higher culture.


PS: Go follow 6th Dimension if you like this idea ! The Meme Musuem Exhibit had its last display this weekend, but they are hosting plenty of more pop events to host as the year goes on. 


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