Polish Blue Demons (aka Polish club of DePaul)

Written by on October 20, 2020

Karolina (DPSA President, Right) and Marlena (DPSA Event Chair, Left) in the WPNA Interview Booth

Co to znaczy być Amerykaninem polskiego pochodzenia? How do we celebrate our mixed heritage in the states – especially during Polish Heritage Month? 🧐

For the next couple of weeks, Peter and I will be interviewing Polish clubs from all around the Chicago area to discover how they are connecting with their heritage. From immigrants, to people who are 4 or 5 generations removed, we want to know why Poland is important to people…. and what exactly the Polish-American status means to them.


First up: the DePaul Polish Student Alliance! 

I sat down with Marlena and Karolina to talk club traditions, cross-cultural visibility, and why their heritage is important to them. Community is a term that kept repeating in the interview: they love sharing a place with friends who understand Polish, take Polish traditions seriously, and want to honor that part of their history.

Another theme in the podcast was Polish heritage awareness. DPSA has the power to educate students all across campus on Polish heritage – simply by existing! It is the most active Slavic club on the DePaul campus, which attracts membership from all sorts of people… and even the occasional non-European member too!

Here’s a fun clip about that exact topic:


Listen to the full podcast here!

For more information on DPSA events, membership, and other news, please follow the club on Facebook and Instagram. Especially recommend for any high school & college students who are looking to get more in touch with their Polish roots 🙂


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