Author: Greg Bartusiak

You probably already know my love for Tik Tok. Sometimes when you’re scrolling through the app, you’ll find some gems. Check out this excited dog waiting to go out for a walk. Does your dog do something like this when you’re getting ready to go out? Because this dog needs to audition for the next […]

The artists on our station are not only talented singers and songwriters. They can also act sometimes! Nick Jonas took over hosting duties for Saturday Night Live this past Saturday. Here is one of my favorite skits from the weekend where they imagine what dating life will be like after the pandemic is done. Other […]

We know there are a lot of things that aren’t allowed on airplanes. The TSA is hard at work making sure none of them get on board. Sometimes they run into very unique contraband. They put together a video of the top weirdest items they have confiscated at airports in 2020. Check out the video […]

Stories like these always make me laugh. A wild sheep was found in a forest in Australia. Check out his bushy look here. After being captured, the sheep named Baarack was shorn to ease his uncomfort. It was probably more than a year since the last time. His fleece weighed an astounding 77 pounds! Sheep […]

We’ve all been seeing a lot of “dibs” on Chicago streets after this huge snowfall. Some are your standard picnic table or outdoor lawn chair, some are ridiculously entertaining. Check out some of the dibs spotted in Chicago during the snow of 2021. I’m sure we’ve all seen some good ones out there! Check them […]

Two women in Florida recently got busted when they tried dressing up as grannies to get a COVID vaccine. Apparently, the trick worked for the first shot! But the women got caught the second time when information on their IDs didn’t line up with the paperwork. Read more about them here. They weren’t the only […]

Things are re-opening soon in Chicago. Bars and restaurants can now serve up to 50 people or a 40% capacity as on today. But for those looking for other things to do, the museums in Chicago are opening up again! The Shedd Aquarium had a soft re-opening earlier in February and have determined it is […]

This is literally the definition of “one lucky dog.” A Nashville man passed away last year but before he did, he made his 8-year-old Border Collie the beneficiary to a trust fund. That trust fund was worth over $5 million!!! The man’s friend was also named as the dog’s caretaker and is being reimbursed for […]

We are already 11 months into this pandemic. You would think that people got the hang of this Zoom thing already. That’s not the case with this Texas court. Just watch the video below! Just be careful with your Zoom filters. No matter how hilarious they are! -GB

We’ve seen some weird stuff being used as dibs on the Chicago streets right now. If you don’t know what dibs are, you’re probably not a Chicagoan. But if you are a Chicagoan, you know the tradition. You dig your car out of the snow and put something in it’s place so that you don’t […]

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