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Peter and Adela discuss the cities people are moving to; they break down the most popular dog names of 2020; and the Grammy’s get postponed.

What do you wish other genenrations would know about yours?; Mr. Bean takes on cancel culture; and Elon Musk becomes the world’s richest man.

Peter has another visit to the chiropractor; Adela has a wild dream about Elon Musk; and they break down the most popular baby names of 2020.

Masquerade masks, moody lighting, and surprises are just some of the things you can expect to see in The Weeknd’s newest music video for “Save Your Tears”. Abel Makkonen Tesfaye (The Weeknd) started off the year with a bang by already amassing millions of views on it as well as speculation from every corner of […]

Peter sees Adela on his way to work… kind of; Peter and Adela discuss the most used words of 2020; and you won’t believe this 57-year old fitness model.

Peter and Adela welcome in the new year; they decide January is the most underwhelming month; and Peter watches a movie that makes him cry puddles of tears.

Peter and Adela think back to what a normal new year’s party was like; Peter shares his hangover cure; and what big purchase did you make this year?

Chicago gets a fresh coat of snow; Peter and Adela talk about their goals for 2021; and use a flamethrower to clear your driveway this winter.

Peter and Adela share what Santa brought them for Christmas; Wonder Woman 1984 hits the theaters; and they discuss new years resolutions.

Will we have a white Christmas?; One Polish man breaks an interesting world record; and Adela is stressing out about Wigilia.

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