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Saturn and Jupiter are doing something special; this website will help you find the word that’s on the “tip of your tongue;” what scares you as an adult but didn’t phase you as a child?

Earlier this month, Netflix released a report of some of its most-popular programming but, as usual, didn’t give any statistics. So, a company called “ReelGood” tracked all of Netflix’s Daily Top 10 reports and ranked shows based on a point system. Other than some obvious shows such as The Office, one of the highest ranked shows was […]

Magda celebrates her birthday; Peter knows the #1 way to #2; and people in the U.S. are moving to the south.  

Gift shopping is nearly always stressful. You want to make someone happy and have them enjoy your gift, but how do you know what they would like? It’s especially difficult when you don’t really know the person and their preferences. I’ve been having this issue with several of my friends, so I decided to take […]

WPNA listeners have some beautiful Christmas trees; Peter quiz’s Adela on hit music; and Peter visits the chiropractor.

Adela becomes an aunt; the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 received death threats; and we ask you which celebrity would you be for one day.  

Peter and Adela discuss what to do when someone tell you that they don’t want anything for Christmas; Indiana Jones 5 is officially announced; and one lucky winner wins the gift basket of a lifetime.

Despite the wacky year that 2020 has been, we still got to enjoy the fresh sounds of new music and artists. Each member of WPNA-FM put together a playlist of their top 2020 songs. Below are 20 of Peter’s favorites. The full playlist can be listened to here. (In no particular order) “Golden”, Harry Styles […]

Peter and Adela go through the most popular Google searches of 2020; Peter explains how he learned English; and they share their gifts from Santa.

A PAM listener joins Adela on The Game Corner; Peter knows the perfect Christmas gift; and breakdancing will be a 2024 Olympic sport.

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