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Peter recaps his experience at the Toys for Tots Christmas event; Elon Musk gets more money; and we ask you what does it take to land a spot on the naughty list?

We ask you: if you cold only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?; Adela gets excited for Costco’s wine advent calendar; and we hear your best “Ho ho ho’s.”

Peter and Adela discuss their Spotify Wrapped; Peter can’t get the smell of garlic of his hands; and we discuss Forbes 30 under 30.

Peter and Adela ask you, “what do you NOT want for Christmas?;” Peter’s roommate talks to his cat too much; and we share the most influential piece of technology of all time.

Peter shares his gift-giving strategy to everyone; PAWS is partnering with IKEA (it’s a great combo); and they recap the results from Junior Eurovision 2020.

Peter and Adela set their appetites for tomorrow; they teach you how to properly say the names of certain foods; and find out how to boost your confidence.

The next host of Jeopardy might be Ken Jennings; Aliens might have made contact with us; and women entrepreneurs in Poland are doing an incredible job.

Peter quizzes Adela on some Thanksgiving trivia; Oxford English Dictionary can’t pick a word of the year; and you could get paid $2,500 to watch Christmas movies.

Like it or not, the Holidays are here; we have fun on F My Life; and we talk an American classic… Waffle House.

Remember those days where you’d hear a song on the radio but couldn’t figure out what it was called or who sang it? The song slips through your fingers, and you’re left surfing radio stations for weeks hoping to find it again–but alas, it’s gone. What an awful feeling. Fortunately, that is no longer an […]

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