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Chicago holds its spot as the “rattiest” city in the country; gas taxes might be getting increased in DuPage county; and it turns out Peter wasn’t selected as the sexiest man by People magazine (not surprising).

Peter and Adela celebrate National Unfriend Day (not really); turns out young men and older women are the primary audience of The Bachelor; and WFH allows couples to do the dirty on the lock…

Adela shares her story of how she picked her wedding dress; Peter quizzes Adela on fast food; and they discuss the things that make people less likeable.

Peter and Adela are not scared of Friday the 13th; you can buy a GIANT Twinkie; and did you know some turtles can breathe from their butts?

At just 18 years old, Billie Eilish already cemented herself as one of the most successful streaming artists of all time. She’s influenced a new generation of musicians, and in her latest music video, she influenced me too… to go to the mall.  Eilish directed her own video to her newest song, “Therefore I Am,” […]

Peter and Adela discuss the latest dating trends; they talk about making wishes on 11/11; and Adela shares her intense engagement story.

Polish cuisine. Ah, the crème of the crop. My mouth is already salivating just thinking about placki ziemniaczane sizzling on a stovetop and the comforting aroma of a warm bowl of zurek.  If you’re like me, then you grew up eating Polish food and have continued to love it. But what always intrigues me is […]

One family finally gets their first baby daughter… after 14 sons; turns out we’ve all been spending more time on our couches lately; and deodorant would never sell well in Korea.

“Frisson” has to be one of my favorite words in the English language. Not only because the word itself sounds epic when it’s said (frēˈsôn), but also because it describes the feeling of chills you get when listening to your favorite music. We’ve all been there. That tingle or chill that might cause your arm […]

Which state drank the most on election night?; Peter and Adela discuss the questions you shouldn’t ask people; and they share stories on their most iconic language mess-ups.

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