Karolina (DPSA President, Right) and Marlena (DPSA Event Chair, Left) in the WPNA Interview Booth Co to znaczy być Amerykaninem polskiego pochodzenia? How do we celebrate our mixed heritage in the states – especially during Polish Heritage Month? 🧐 For the next couple of weeks, Peter and I will be interviewing Polish clubs from all […]

You know something’s gone wrong when you see those brown M&Ms….  Spoiled music star. It’s a rock n roll stereotype that has perpetuated over the decades, resulting in people who think all musicians do is smash TVs, do hardcore drugs and refuse to perform because someone mixed up La Croix with Soda on their contract. […]

Adam? Have you made your Youtube video channel? Asking for a friend 🙂  Cześć wszyscy! 🙂  Feeling a little sad today, so to cheer up (and hopefully spread some motivation) I wanted to share a quick story with you all. A few weeks ago Peter and I were talking about new jobs. Jobs that didn’t […]

… And in some cases, unnecessarily  complicated. But complex doesn’t mean impossible. Since TODAY is the deadline to register for voting by mail, I thought it’d be smart to review the other deadlines coming up! To sposoby głosowania w Illinois w wyborach  2020. Instrukcje po polsku i po angielsku.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Voting by mail / Głosowanie […]

Ale świat jest mały! W ostatnią sobotę, znalazłam się w butiku sukien weselnych, po raz drugi w życiu. Pierwszy raz byłam w połowie września  w David’s Bridal i miałam uczucie… no… po prostu takie sobie. It wasn’t bad, but my first visit to a wedding dress shop didn’t really give me any information I didn’t […]

Adela here with some handy -dandy info on this first Presidential debate evening of 2020. If you’re confused about your voting options this year, I just found this guide. From voting by mail, to early voting, to in person. Take a look here and see what option is best for you. ABOVE ALL ELSE make […]

W końcu dotarliśmy do tego czasu.  Memy już można znaleźć w muzeach….  przynajmniej na krótki czas 😉 This Saturday I surprised my fiance and a few friends with a trip to Chicago’s first pop-up “Meme Museum”.  Hosted by 6th Dimension Productions in Humboldt Park, the spectacle included 2 floors of memes, a painted mural, meme […]

Nobody’s denying that time flies by when you least expect it, but the flow of time this year feels ESPECIALLY fickle. Days feel like minutes; months feel like years. What happened at the beginning of this year? What season are we in? Where did the time go??? When I opened up my Facebook today, I […]

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