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  Slav (ic person) of the Week – Jan Błachowicz!   This past weekend was a proud one for Polish fans of  UFC.  On Saturday March 6th 2021, Jan Błachowicz managed to retain his title of Light Heavyweight Champion by beating the undefeated  Israel Adesanya . Why was this important? Well, mostly because of Adesanya’s […]

Chicago may not be the first city to pop into people’s minds when music is concerned, but its multitude of different neighborhoods, vibrant local music scene and community of small venues have provided the perfect stomping grounds for many musicians to hone their craft over the years. This includes many talented ladies in music! From […]

After a career spanning nearly 3 decades, Daft Punk has officially announced they are splitting up.    Theirs was a musical journey of a lifetime. They released hit after hit, influenced dance music on a global scale, and maintained popularity throughout a nearly 30 year period. But like all good things, even Daft Punk must […]

Part of our ongoing Black History Month Chicago Series! Read the first chapter of this blog here.  Shoutout #2 : Noname   Born Fatimah Warner in the Bronzeville neighborhood, Noname is a Chicago rapper making waves as a poet, activist, and producer. She was first spotted in 2013 on Chance the Rapper’s second mixtape Acid […]

  Part of our ongoing Black History Month Chicago Shout-Out Series! Read the first chapter of this blog here.  Shoutout #2 : Daniel Bernard Roumain (or DBR) Daniel Bernard Roumain is a Haitian-American composer, performer, violinist, and band-leader best known by his nickname – DBR.  What DBR is perhaps best known for is his fusion […]

  Chicago may not be the oldest city in the United States, but its centralized location has made it a prime place for musicians to gather for years. It’s where musicians have historically brought their heritage to jam sessions, stewed things together, and created something new. It’s how Chicago music staples have come about, like […]

  Each year, the Mies van der Rohe Award  – or the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture –  is given out to the most intriguing pieces of architecture in the E.U.  Due to delays with the pandemic, this upcoming year’s awards encompass a larger scale of buildings; to be nominated, the buildings must be […]

  Henry “Papcio Chmiel” Chmielewski, creator of the “Tytus, Romek i Atomek Series”, died on January 21st 2021.    The most popular comic book author in Poland has passed away at the age of 97 years old. Henry Chmielewski – pen name Papcio Chmiel – is best known for creating the “Tytus, Romek i Atomek” […]

  Machine Gun Kelly broke huge streaming numbers with  Downfalls High –  an extended 49 minute music video.   Nobody asked for a pop-punk remake of Grease. And yet in just two days, MGK’s strangely familiar, 49 minute music video gathered a whopping 4 million views, finished with 16 million views during its weekend premiere, […]

Po długim konkursie, Anna-Maria Jaromin zwyciężyła jako Miss Polski 2020!   This past weekend we finally learned the results of the Miss Polski 2020 competition. Taking home the winner’s crown this year was Anna-Maria Jaromin: a 22-year old studying internal security with an emphasis on psychoanalytic criminology. She also has a passion for horse riding, […]

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