Legendy nigdy nie umierają: żyją w naszych sercach, w naszych historiach, i oczywiscie, w naszych piosenkach. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I thought I’d share with everyone a few of the songs that keep Dr. King’s legend alive. They are in all sorts of genres by all sorts of artists: written […]

We thought 2020 was over and that everything would be better this year. Boy, were we wrong. A new trend is getting popular among some men (with very weird taste.) It’s called the monkey-tail beard. It look exactly like it sounds like. Men are shaving their facial hair to look like a monkey tail on […]

  No particular order! But I was taking some time to really make sure I love these albums released last year. Take a listen and let me know your favorites of last year! 🙂 Mirabelle Skipworth – Postcards from Pathmos Grimes – Miss Anthropocene Crawl Across the Sky – Into the Void Zion Rodman – Whatever Happens Boys Vs […]

Friday’s always give us new music releases. I really like the latest one to come from sanah. She collaborated on this one with Polish hip hop artist Vito Bambino for a song with some really good sounds. It’s called “Ale Jazz!” I like the song by itself. The music video is another cool addition to […]

  Though MF Doom was a New York rapper, he certainly got a Chicago style send off. Murals honoring the deceased rapper popped up on buildings along the train tracks in Logan Square. They depict a man in a supervillan style mask: a nod to MF DOOM’s persona, inspired by the Marvel Universe.  Doom (birth […]

Every year, the Consumer Electronics show is held in Las Vegas. It’s a showcase of all the upcoming electronics companies have been working on and plan to release during the year. Even though this year it is being held virtually, (seems appropriate for an electronics show) it still has A LOT of cool gadgets we […]

  Milena was one of the youngest musicians in her category at the Newport Virtuosi International Music Competition   This teenager is the youngest person yet to win our prestigious “Slav of the Week” award here on the Afternoon Show! 😉 Milena Witkowska wowed judges at the 2020 International Music Competition with her interpretation of […]

24KGoldn started getting his popularity thanks to TikTok. Now, he’s out riding jet-skis in the Arctic in his music video. (I’ve only seen James Bond do that before.) Check out the new music video for his song “Coco” with DaBaby. Now I want to go ride a jet-ski… -GB

I’m really not too big of a fan of National and International days. Most of them seem made up. But some have an actually important or good meaning. Today is one of those days.  It is International Thank You Day. Take some time today to thank someone in your life that has done something good […]

  Though the song seems to be a hit or miss for some listeners, “Malinowy Mus” certainly makes for a great debut   The song. The video. The vibe.  In my opinion, Barvinsky delivers it all in his debut single”Malinowy Mus.” In fact, scroll down to take a listen to this song first before you […]

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