We’ve been going good things for each other throughout all of 2020. Are we doing them because we are good people or is it just a product of the time? What you do at a grocery store with your shopping cart may tell a lot about you. It’s called the “Shopping Cart Theory.” The premise […]

A dog food company in England named Tails.com has released what it’s calling the “first ever” Christmas song made exclusively for your dog. The company debuted “Raise the Woof!” along with a music video Tuesday. According to science, your dog will enjoy this song.  “Signs that dogs are enjoying the track include alertness, trying to […]

Even though we’re missing out on live concerts, we can still see live performances from our couches. Shaed released their new song “No Other Way” last week and accompanied it with a live performance of it from their home. Here’s a little fun song to enjoy for the weekend. Just some sweet music for your […]

Doja Cat has gained a lot of popularity this past year with not just her music. Her social media lifestyle also causes a big stir. Now she is blowing our minds with a new version of her viral song, “Say So.” Doja was a performer on this past weekend’s MTV Europe Music Awards and performed […]

When you date someone with a pet, whether you like it or not, you’re also dating that pet. According to a new survey, 50% of people say they’re more likely to want to date someone with a dog.  But that’s the ONLY pet that really helps your dating life.  Here’s a full breakdown . . […]

A Colorado man broke a Guinness World Record when he ran a mile in under 5 minutes — while pushing his 1-year-old son in a stroller. Andrew Vos, 34, of Broomfield, took to the track at Broomfield Heights Middle School while his son, Bodhi, rode in the stroller in front of him. Vos said he […]

Halloween parada zwierzaków WPNA! 🙂 Can you recognize these pets in their scary costumes? ~~~~~~~~~~ Koty Mateusza Nala & Ragnar are both around two and a half years old. Nala is certainly the Jester of the family and the bravest too! Ragnar’s Shy Shark costume certainly fits as he can get feisty, but he is […]

Halloween is only a few days away. Trick-Or-Treating will be difficult with the pandemic among us. But people are still finding ways to give out candy. Many places have organized Trunk-or-Treat events where kids can grab candy from people’s cars. (Seems a little off to me but it’s 2020…) Some people have come up with […]

The glorious nation of Kazakhstan was never really a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat character, especially after his first movie came out in 2006. Borat made a lot of fun at the expense of his country. Now, they seem to be accepting it and even leaning into it. The Kazakh Tourism Board created a […]

Every year new babies come around and every year there is a trend in popular baby names. Some names are recurring and show up almost every year. The top three names for girls this year are Sophia, Olivia, and Riley. The top three names for boys this year are Liam, Noah, and Jackson. Check out […]

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