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Doja Cat has gained a lot of popularity this past year with not just her music. Her social media lifestyle also causes a big stir. Now she is blowing our minds with a new version of her viral song, “Say So.” Doja was a performer on this past weekend’s MTV Europe Music Awards and performed […]

“Frisson” has to be one of my favorite words in the English language. Not only because the word itself sounds epic when it’s said (frēˈsôn), but also because it describes the feeling of chills you get when listening to your favorite music. We’ve all been there. That tingle or chill that might cause your arm […]

  Nowator, Paprodziad and Kalamaga bring the sunshine & positive vibes to their latest collab track.    It’s been a heck of a week.  I’m not sure I would be writing about this song under normal circumstances, but with election uncertainty, concern over employment, and a looming 2nd wave of COVID cases, tensions are rife. […]

The man that just keeps on giving gives again. Harry Styles’ latest music video, “Golden,” eases us into the upcoming cold months with one last taste of summer. The video does the song’s name justice. Radiant sun rays alongside the serenity of a picturesque sunset allow me to feel the warmth through the screen. It […]

When you date someone with a pet, whether you like it or not, you’re also dating that pet. According to a new survey, 50% of people say they’re more likely to want to date someone with a dog.  But that’s the ONLY pet that really helps your dating life.  Here’s a full breakdown . . […]

Dziś TEN dzień. Wybory, podczas których zadecydujemy o tym kto zostanie prezydentem i wytyczymy tym samym kierunek, w jakim podążać będą Stany Zjednoczone na najbliższych latach. Dla jednych to wybór między dżumą a cholerą, dla innych między postępem a regresem, jeszcze dla innych między rozsądkiem a szaleństwem, wartościami i ich brakiem. Ironia polega na tym, […]

W tym roku Halloween u nas huczne i ekscytujące. Mamy niesforne dinozaury oraz świadome własnej wartości środki pierwszej potrzeby, czyli papier toaletowy i Clorox 🙂 Postanowiliśmy wam pokazać kilka scen zakulisowych. IMG_7388 IMG_7400 Have a happy and safe Halloween!

A Colorado man broke a Guinness World Record when he ran a mile in under 5 minutes — while pushing his 1-year-old son in a stroller. Andrew Vos, 34, of Broomfield, took to the track at Broomfield Heights Middle School while his son, Bodhi, rode in the stroller in front of him. Vos said he […]

Halloween parada zwierzaków WPNA! 🙂 Can you recognize these pets in their scary costumes? ~~~~~~~~~~ Koty Mateusza Nala & Ragnar are both around two and a half years old. Nala is certainly the Jester of the family and the bravest too! Ragnar’s Shy Shark costume certainly fits as he can get feisty, but he is […]

The scenery, history and beauty of Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago, IL. Walking 5 kilometers through a cemetery for a great cause was a great way to kick off the last week of October. Why did I do it? Glad you asked. WPNA 103.1 FM is a media sponsor for the Best Buddies Crypt Run […]

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