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Halloween is only a few days away. Trick-Or-Treating will be difficult with the pandemic among us. But people are still finding ways to give out candy. Many places have organized Trunk-or-Treat events where kids can grab candy from people’s cars. (Seems a little off to me but it’s 2020…) Some people have come up with […]

Energetic student leaders from Zagloba, a Polish club from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign, came to the WPNA studios to share what they do best: spread Polish culture on campus. I can write all about the club here (something that would take hours), but I’d rather let the members speak for the club […]

The glorious nation of Kazakhstan was never really a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat character, especially after his first movie came out in 2006. Borat made a lot of fun at the expense of his country. Now, they seem to be accepting it and even leaning into it. The Kazakh Tourism Board created a […]

Chyba trochę przesadziliśmy z dyniami w tym roku…  My fiance and I love pumpkins: maybe more so than the average person. We have pumpkin decorations in our house. We buy pumpkin spice for our cooking, carve jack-o-lantern’s, roast the seeds, and even tried our hand at growing our own pumpkins this year! But even I have to […]

I never understood the motivation behind meditating. To me, it always seemed pointless and a waste of time. Who wants to just sit there and think about nothing? Then, in an effort to better deal with the stresses of this year, I decided to give in and try it out. Not knowing where to start, […]

Miasto było ciemne, deszcz lał jak z cebra, błyskało i grzmiało, wiatr też pokazywał co potrafi. Tak dziś o 4:30am wyglądała droga M&M-sów do pracy. Wasza też ma szansę tak wyglądać, uważajcie na siebie!

Mural of Pope John Paul II, first Polish Pope, painted on the side of an apartment complex in Stalowa Wola If you enter any Polish household at random, chances are you will find a picture of Pope John Paul II. He was an important symbol for the nation;  Jan Pawel II był symbolem nie tylko […]

Every year new babies come around and every year there is a trend in popular baby names. Some names are recurring and show up almost every year. The top three names for girls this year are Sophia, Olivia, and Riley. The top three names for boys this year are Liam, Noah, and Jackson. Check out […]

Dear listeners of WPNA-FM, Adela and I from the Afternoon show have a favor to ask of you. Perhaps the greatest favor we’ll ever ask for. Here’s the thing: We’ve been entered in a Halloween costume contest. That’s all fun and games and we’re excited, but if you’ve ever tuned into the Game Corner, (Wed. […]

Karolina (DPSA President, Right) and Marlena (DPSA Event Chair, Left) in the WPNA Interview Booth Co to znaczy być Amerykaninem polskiego pochodzenia? How do we celebrate our mixed heritage in the states – especially during Polish Heritage Month? 🧐 For the next couple of weeks, Peter and I will be interviewing Polish clubs from all […]

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