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Po wczorajszej debacie prezydenckiej rzeczywistość jest taka sama, tylko niedospanie większe i niesmak pozostał. Konsekwentnie więc zapraszamy na poranny detoks bez polityki.

Adela here with some handy -dandy info on this first Presidential debate evening of 2020. If you’re confused about your voting options this year, I just found this guide. From voting by mail, to early voting, to in person. Take a look here and see what option is best for you. ABOVE ALL ELSE make […]

25 is that number. That’s the age where I can no longer say I’m a “young adult.” I have finally reached adulthood! Of course, that feeling may come at different times for everyone, but for me, I feel like I’ve gotten to the level of maturity that I can safely consider myself an adult. At […]

Zimno! Pierwszy poranek z włączonym w samochodzie ogrzewaniem… z gorącą kawą, smakującą tym lepiej, że dziś National Coffee Day 🙂 Trzymajcie się ciepło!

W końcu dotarliśmy do tego czasu.  Memy już można znaleźć w muzeach….  przynajmniej na krótki czas 😉 This Saturday I surprised my fiance and a few friends with a trip to Chicago’s first pop-up “Meme Museum”.  Hosted by 6th Dimension Productions in Humboldt Park, the spectacle included 2 floors of memes, a painted mural, meme […]

Poniedziałki powinny być opcjonalne, nie ma co do tego wątpliwości, szczególnie o poranku.

Nobody’s denying that time flies by when you least expect it, but the flow of time this year feels ESPECIALLY fickle. Days feel like minutes; months feel like years. What happened at the beginning of this year? What season are we in? Where did the time go??? When I opened up my Facebook today, I […]

It’s been over a year since Chicago’s biggest story was a loose alligator in the Humboldt Park lagoon. Chance the Snapper stole our hearts while escaping capture for a week. Eventually, Alligator Robb came in from Florida and caught him on the first try. Chance is now at an alligator sanctuary in St. Augustine, Florida […]

Friday, Piatek, Piatunio, the best day of the week is upon us. Normally, that’s enough to put me in a good mood, but on this Friday,  I wanted to spice things up. I decided to stop by Dunkin’ on my way to the studio for a fresh iced coffee. Little did I know, I’d also […]

We’ve all searched for embarrassing things. If you check your search history, I’m sure you would ask yourself why you looked those things up. Luckily, somebody compiled a list of the most embarrassing searches in each state. And the results are hilarious! Some searches include Kentucky who wanted to know how to become a vampire […]

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