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Mural of Pope John Paul II, first Polish Pope, painted on the side of an apartment complex in Stalowa Wola If you enter any Polish household at random, chances are you will find a picture of Pope John Paul II. He was an important symbol for the nation;  Jan Pawel II był symbolem nie tylko […]

Dear listeners of WPNA-FM, Adela and I from the Afternoon show have a favor to ask of you. Perhaps the greatest favor we’ll ever ask for. Here’s the thing: We’ve been entered in a Halloween costume contest. That’s all fun and games and we’re excited, but if you’ve ever tuned into the Game Corner, (Wed. […]

Karolina (DPSA President, Right) and Marlena (DPSA Event Chair, Left) in the WPNA Interview Booth Co to znaczy być Amerykaninem polskiego pochodzenia? How do we celebrate our mixed heritage in the states – especially during Polish Heritage Month? 🧐 For the next couple of weeks, Peter and I will be interviewing Polish clubs from all […]

Growing up, I hated eating anything green. Like most other kids, I’d eat the unhealthy stuff and leave the healthy food on the plate. While I wasn’t a fan of broccoli and spinach, I despised avocado. Something about their texture just threw me off. They’re awkwardly smooth and often times too mushy. I’d see my […]

You know something’s gone wrong when you see those brown M&Ms….  Spoiled music star. It’s a rock n roll stereotype that has perpetuated over the decades, resulting in people who think all musicians do is smash TVs, do hardcore drugs and refuse to perform because someone mixed up La Croix with Soda on their contract. […]

Disclaimer: I brushed my teeth this morning and flossed last night. On a scale of 1-10, I’d say my dental hygiene is at a 7, with plenty of room for improvement. Now that I got that out of the way, I feel better admitting that I haven’t visited the dentist once this year… something that […]

I’m sick of the crazy news this year. Between all this pandemic stuff, political news, and the daily stupidity, I’m past my limits. So my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw that there’s a group out there pushing Chicago to become its own state. We’ve heard of stories like this happening […]

Adam? Have you made your Youtube video channel? Asking for a friend 🙂  Cześć wszyscy! 🙂  Feeling a little sad today, so to cheer up (and hopefully spread some motivation) I wanted to share a quick story with you all. A few weeks ago Peter and I were talking about new jobs. Jobs that didn’t […]

Anyone that knows me will tell you about my love for Shawn Mendez’s music. If I’m ever not sure what to listen to, I know I can always count on him because his music can fit any mood. So it’s no surprise that I was thrilled when he released his new song “Wonder” last week […]

… And in some cases, unnecessarily  complicated. But complex doesn’t mean impossible. Since TODAY is the deadline to register for voting by mail, I thought it’d be smart to review the other deadlines coming up! To sposoby głosowania w Illinois w wyborach  2020. Instrukcje po polsku i po angielsku.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Voting by mail / Głosowanie […]

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