Afternoons Highlights

It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Dad jokes are king; and we ask you what your biggest mistake at work has been.

Chicago gets hail; Peter and Adela run through the most popular TV shows of 2020; and they ask you what thing do you have an incredible amount of.

Peter and Adela discuss the renovations planed for Metra; they calculate how much sleep parents have lost based on how many kids they have; and a miracle already happened in 2021.

Peter sees his soulmate in the Starbucks drive-thru; the gross things that you do that you don’t always admit to; and Polish people say goodbyes for a looooong time.

Does kiwi belong on a pizza?; Peter and Adela share how to be successful even without talent; and the Chicagoland area battles it out for 103.1FM t-shirts.

Peter gets lost over the weekend; Poland sells a lot of wine in 2020; and the listeners tell us what their perfect slice of pizza is.

Peter and Adela discuss the cities people are moving to; they break down the most popular dog names of 2020; and the Grammy’s get postponed.

What do you wish other genenrations would know about yours?; Mr. Bean takes on cancel culture; and Elon Musk becomes the world’s richest man.

Peter has another visit to the chiropractor; Adela has a wild dream about Elon Musk; and they break down the most popular baby names of 2020.

Peter sees Adela on his way to work… kind of; Peter and Adela discuss the most used words of 2020; and you won’t believe this 57-year old fitness model.

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