Afternoons Highlights

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Magda celebrates her birthday; Peter knows the #1 way to #2; and people in the U.S. are moving to the south.  

WPNA listeners have some beautiful Christmas trees; Peter quiz’s Adela on hit music; and Peter visits the chiropractor.

Adela becomes an aunt; the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 received death threats; and we ask you which celebrity would you be for one day.  

Peter and Adela discuss what to do when someone tell you that they don’t want anything for Christmas; Indiana Jones 5 is officially announced; and one lucky winner wins the gift basket of a lifetime.

Peter and Adela go through the most popular Google searches of 2020; Peter explains how he learned English; and they share their gifts from Santa.

A PAM listener joins Adela on The Game Corner; Peter knows the perfect Christmas gift; and breakdancing will be a 2024 Olympic sport.

Peter recaps his experience at the Toys for Tots Christmas event; Elon Musk gets more money; and we ask you what does it take to land a spot on the naughty list?

We ask you: if you cold only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?; Adela gets excited for Costco’s wine advent calendar; and we hear your best “Ho ho ho’s.”

Peter and Adela discuss their Spotify Wrapped; Peter can’t get the smell of garlic of his hands; and we discuss Forbes 30 under 30.

Peter and Adela ask you, “what do you NOT want for Christmas?;” Peter’s roommate talks to his cat too much; and we share the most influential piece of technology of all time.

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