Afternoons Highlights

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Peter shares his gift-giving strategy to everyone; PAWS is partnering with IKEA (it’s a great combo); and they recap the results from Junior Eurovision 2020.

Peter and Adela set their appetites for tomorrow; they teach you how to properly say the names of certain foods; and find out how to boost your confidence.

The next host of Jeopardy might be Ken Jennings; Aliens might have made contact with us; and women entrepreneurs in Poland are doing an incredible job.

Peter quizzes Adela on some Thanksgiving trivia; Oxford English Dictionary can’t pick a word of the year; and you could get paid $2,500 to watch Christmas movies.

Like it or not, the Holidays are here; we have fun on F My Life; and we talk an American classic… Waffle House.

Chicago holds its spot as the “rattiest” city in the country; gas taxes might be getting increased in DuPage county; and it turns out Peter wasn’t selected as the sexiest man by People magazine (not surprising).

Peter and Adela celebrate National Unfriend Day (not really); turns out young men and older women are the primary audience of The Bachelor; and WFH allows couples to do the dirty on the lock…

Adela shares her story of how she picked her wedding dress; Peter quizzes Adela on fast food; and they discuss the things that make people less likeable.

Peter and Adela are not scared of Friday the 13th; you can buy a GIANT Twinkie; and did you know some turtles can breathe from their butts?

Peter and Adela discuss the latest dating trends; they talk about making wishes on 11/11; and Adela shares her intense engagement story.

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