Afternoons Highlights

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One family finally gets their first baby daughter… after 14 sons; turns out we’ve all been spending more time on our couches lately; and deodorant would never sell well in Korea.

Which state drank the most on election night?; Peter and Adela discuss the questions you shouldn’t ask people; and they share stories on their most iconic language mess-ups.

Peter and Adela break down the election; our dreams are getting weird again; and the game corner gets exciting!

Peter and Adela discuss voting tips and strategies; we share a funny story about a pastor; and Baby Shark becomes the most viewed video on YouTube.

Peter and Adela agree that DST needs to stop; it’s still too early for Christmas music; and RIP Sean Connery.

Peter and Adela talk ghosts; The Game Corner gets heated; and a pill to prevent snoring is in the works.

Peter and Adela share some voting tips; we consider staying away from social media for some time; and we also discuss the latest trends in employment.

Adela shows off her pumpkin carving addiction; we introduce some Halloween slang; and can scary movies be good for you?

Peter and Adela share their best features; everyone wants a fireplace; and you won’t believe what avocados used to be called.

Peter and Adela share the moments where they felt old; Peter’s old workplace is introducing party doughnuts; and Polish families are much more formal.

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