Afternoons Highlights

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Astrology is mean to Peter but nice to Adela; an intense game of Two Truths and a Lie is played; and we discuss the importance of the 5 senses.

Peter and Adela ask for help in deciding their Halloween costumes; Google is in trouble by the government; and a beloved Polish actor passes away.

A woman runs a mile in under 6 minutes while pregnant; Peter and Adela spill the tea; and science tells us the scariest movie of all time.

Peter’s sad because Adela is gone; turns out we all drink more coffee than Mark Zuckerberg; and it’s national bosses day.

Peter and Adela admit the things they can’t but should know how to do; Kraft’s latest marketing asks people to “send noods;” We break down why Polish people dance better than Americans.

Peter and Adela fail at two truths and a lie; we share our favorite desserts for National Dessert Day; and we unpack the mystery behind Eddie Van Halen and the brown M&Ms.

Finland celebrates its Day of Failure; Prime Day beings; and what superpower would parents like to have?

Peter and Adela share the best tips for a first date; they select the new word of the week; and they go through the top paid actors and actresses.

Peter and Adela discuss the recent push for Chicago to become the 51st state; the new Netflix series “Emily in Paris” pissed off Chicago’s Lou Malnati’s; and plenty of facts are shared.

Peter and Adela celebrate national pierogi day; we share the foods that give you the most vitamin D; and Polish sausages are the BEST!

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