Afternoons Highlights

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Peter and Adela share some Wednesday Wisdom; Peter barley wins the game corner; and we imagine what we’d do if we were president for a day.

“No Cap,” Peter and Adela cry during movies; Adela visits the bridal boutique again; and spooky season is officially here.

Halloween candy is already flying off the shelves; Peter and Adela break down the most stressful things in life; and the fun facts keep comin’.

The French have their own Spider-Man; Adela “spices” up her tea; and Peter and Adela attempt some beatboxing.

Peter and Adela check in on their zodiac signs; we watch a man willingly get stung by a murder hornet; and kids are getting more and more bored.

Peter and Adela debate on what is the “ideal” temperature; they discuss the best places in Illinois for the fall weather; and psychological tricks marketers use on us every day.

Peter celebrates his 25th birthday; Adela shares her experience at the meme museum; and they discuss their favorite actors and actresses (spoiler: Adela doesn’t like Channing Tatum).

Peter and Adela talk surprises; share some corny jokes; and “drop that knowledge.”

Peter finally beats Adela in the Game Corner; they talk about what brings happiness other than money; and Adela shows off her fall decorations.

On Tasty Thursday, Peter and Adela discuss burnt food and Thermomix, the magical cooking appliance; condoms are being recycled…

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