Coming to Chicago in 2021: The Good, the Bad and the Meh

Written by on January 5, 2021


Tak jak zawsze, nowy rok przyniósł w mieście Chicago nowe zmiany.

Here’s a quick list of new rules we can expect from the city (and Illinois in general) this year.

The Good

  • COVID Business Relief
    • Extensions on permits
  • Minimum Wage increase to $15 / hour for large businesses, $14.50 for workers at businesses less than 20 people
    • $9/ hour for tip -based workers (such as servers, chauffeur etc.)
  • Illinois capping cost of insulin copayments at $100 for 30-days worth
    • Regardless of type or quantity
  • Victims of sexual assault, stalking or domestic violence will be allowed to apply for the address confidentiality program
    • Prevents abusers or the public to find out a victims’ address

The Bad

  • Speed cameras to catch you as soon as you go 6 mph over the speed limit
    • $35 for 6-10 mph
    • $100 for over 11 mph
  • Increased Parking Meter Rates
    • Adding 96 new meters
    • All $2 / hour meters will now cost $2.25
    • No change to $4.50 or $7/hour rates

The Not-Sure-Yet

  • 3 cent per gallon fuel tax
  • Registering with the city if you’re leasing your space on AirBnB


Sources: ABC7 Chicago, BlockClub Chicago, DailyHerald, Illinois Senate Democrat Website


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