Harry Styles reminds us why he’s the golden boy

Written by on November 3, 2020

The man that just keeps on giving gives again. Harry Styles’ latest music video, “Golden,” eases us into the upcoming cold months with one last taste of summer.

The video does the song’s name justice. Radiant sun rays alongside the serenity of a picturesque sunset allow me to feel the warmth through the screen.

It also gave me a sudden urge to go running. Styles spends a majority of the video running, and he makes it look like the most exciting thing in the world. That’s likely to the fact that “Golden” maintains a certain momentum of percussive energy that makes it a perfect go-to running song. I should’ve listen to this during my Polish Independence Day Run!

But Styles does more than just run!… kind of. The video also has segments of him driving and feeling himself on the street… Okay, so, there really isn’t all that much going on in the video.

But that’s the point. The video is minimalist to match the simple nature of the song. There isn’t much complexity in “Golden:” the vocal line doesn’t involve a wide range, instrumentation remains the same throughout the whole song, and even the lyrics won’t blow you away with something profound. But what the song doesn’t give in complexity it makes up for in atmosphere.

Styles demonstrates exactly how you’re supposed to listen to his song through the music video: it’s not about embarking on some spiritual journey, but rather letting the rush of serotonin hit your brain as your head bops to the song’s mood, a mood that us young folk would describe as “good vibes.”

So whether you’re listening to the song while running, driving, or just feeling yourself like Harry, enjoy the last ounce of summer that the song and music video provide and stay golden.


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