Life after 25…

Written by on September 29, 2020

25 is that number. That’s the age where I can no longer say I’m a “young adult.” I have finally reached adulthood! Of course, that feeling may come at different times for everyone, but for me, I feel like I’ve gotten to the level of maturity that I can safely consider myself an adult. At this age, the world feels like a playground to me (albeit one in the midst of a pandemic), and I feel like I’ve got all the time and flexibility to do anything I want.

That being said, on my birthday Magda asked me what my dreams were, and after thinking about it for a second, I realized I couldn’t give her a concrete answer! All that flexibility that I mentioned earlier can sometimes be overwhelming too. But I told her I’d have a concrete answer by the end of the week… time to get thinking!!

Dziękuję za życzenia!!

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