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My name is Adam Serafin aka DJ Adam. I was born in Poland in 1974, and my passion for music began at a young age when I started learning to play keyboards in 1985. I fell in love with the old analogue synthesizer Korg Mono/Poly, which would become a major influence on my music.

I attended a school of music, where I majored in clarinet and piano. It was there that I started creating my own music using keyboards and computers, beginning with an Atari 1040ST. In 1995, I moved to Chicago and two years later began playing with a local pop-rock band called “Kaprys Fryzjera”. Around 1999-2000, I started making music using computers again, this time using a PC with Emagic’s Logic DAW. Later, I switched to Cubase and Wavelab for midi and audio editing.

In addition to producing music, I’ve also worked as a commercial spot producer for WNVR 1030 AM for many years. I continue to work in this capacity to this day, and I’m proud of the work I’ve done for the station. In 2005, I began working for WPNA1490AM and later for WPNA103.1FM. I currently work full-time as an IT specialist, Music Director, Recording Engineer, and Commercial Spot Producer. I’m also a resident DJ at WPNA 103.1 FM and Party Zone on the same station, where I bring my unique blend of styles to the airwaves.

As a DJ, I’ve had the pleasure of performing at some of Chicago’s clubs, including Michella Terrace, Martini Club, and Pub OK. I’ve also worked as a mobile DJ for events like weddings. With a wealth of experience in both production and live performance, I pride myself on being a versatile and dynamic talent in the Chicago music scene.

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