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Greg Bartusiak

Greg Bartusiak

Grzegorz Bartusiak is a Chicago-born, first generation Polish-American. Living in a Polish household, Grzegorz feels connected with his Polish culture through graduating from Maximilian Maria Kolbe Polish School, participating in the dance group Polonia, and being in the Polish Scouting Organization for over 15 years. Grzegorz has an appreciation for Polish music, food, and culture. He’s at every Taste of Polonia, munching down on zapiekanki and pierogi, making sure to enjoy a nice, cold Tyskie with his meal. In recent years, radio in Chicago has been a big passion for Grzegorz and connecting his radio skills with the Polish-American culture is what he strives to achieve. Outside of the station, you can find him doing stand-up open mics and trying the latest, trendy spots in Chicago.

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