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Written by on May 6, 2021

With Dave Grohl’s new mom documentary out, and Mother’s Day 2021 just around the corner, I found myself thinking a lot about famous mom this week. Or more specifically – musical duets between kids and their moms!

If you listen to 103.1 FM you’ll know that we play P!nk’s duet with her daughter Willow quite a lot. I just knew there had to be more songs like that out there…. and I was right.

Here’s a quick list of 10 songs sung by musicians and moms. Check it out 🙂





1. P!nk and Willow – Cover Me in Sunshine

The newest and cutest mother/daughter duet you might hear on the radio nowadays is by P!nk and her daughter Willow Sage Hart.  Written during 2020, the duo sings of finding comfort in sunny days and better things to come. Plus Willow’s solo at the end is absolutely adorable! Her voice is like a little ray of sunshine itself.



2. Beyonce, Blue Ivy, SAINt JHN, WizKid –  Brown Skin Girl

Beyonce’s choice to put her daughter Blue Ivy on this track paid off big time.  Not only is the song absolutely beautiful, but it also went on to win a Grammy this year.  Fun fact: this isn’t Blue Ivy’s first appearance in a Beyonce song! When she was just two years old she appeared in Beyonce’s music video “Blue.”



3. Blake Shelton & Dorothy Shackleford –   Time for Me to Come Home

This sentimental Christmas song is performed by Blake Shelton and his mom. Shelton said he was inspired to write the song after not coming home for Christmas, saying that Christmas is not the same when you’re not with your family. You can see where his talent comes from once she begins to sing!



4. The Judds – Mama He’s Crazy

You can’t make a list of songs sung by moms without included country duo The Judds! I’ve included a link to “Mama He’s Crazy” but check out “Why Not Me” if you’re looking for a more upbeat song.  In any case, I probably could have included almost any of their songs on this list because The Judds are actually a mother / daughter duo – one of the most famous and popular duos in country history!



5. Ben and Ellen Harper – Learn it All Again Tomorrow

This is certainly one of the sweetest songs on the list. For his 2014 album Childhood Home, Ben Harper searched to recreate truly authentic reflections on childhood – down to recruiting his mom to sing with him on a song! It’s a charming song about moving on from your past, and the importance of learning from those who are strong around you – like your mom!



6. Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire – Because of You

Does this count as the best mother-in-law ever? Though Reba McEntire is only Kelly Clarkson’s mother-in-law, the musical bond that they share is very clear from the songs they’ve performed together. One of my favorite collaborations of theirs is their cover of one of  Clarkson’s breakthrough songs – “Because of You”.



7. Anna Jantar & Natalia Kukulska –  Tyle Słońca W Całym Mieście

Though both mother and daughter were famous Polish musicians, this duet was only able to be put together after the latter’s untimely death in a plane crash.  ” Tyle Słońca W Całym Mieście” is originally a song by Anna Jantar released in 1974: in order to pay her tribute, and fulfill her dream of singing with her mother, Natalia and her producers created a new version where she was able to trade off verses with her mom’s original clips.



8. Carol King and Louise Goffin – Where You Lead I Follow

Gilmore Girls anyone? If you’re a fan of this T.V show, you’d definitely recognize “Where You Lead, I Follow” as the theme song. But did you know that the women who sing it are mother and daughter? That’s right – Carol King initially released this song in 1971, but re-released it in 2000 alongside her daughter Louise Goffin.



9.  Cher and Georgia Holt – I’m Just Your Yesterday

It turns out that Cher’s mom is a powerhouse – just like Cher! Georgia Holt was a singer, actress and model that put her career on hold to raise her children. Years later, Cher helped Georgia release the album she recorded but never put out publicly – Honky Tonk Woman. 



10. Jordan Rabjohn &  Katherine Hallam – Rise Up (cover) 

When this song was released during quarantine last year, the internet went wild. Nobody could believe the power and talent of this mother son duo! After the initial video’s popularity, the duo went on to record a couple of more covers and even a few songs: all of them can be viewed on the son’s YouTube channel, Jordan Rabjohn.



Bonus: Piotr and Helenka Rubik – Piosenka dla Helenki

Ok ok… this one is technically a duet with a father and daughter but it’s just so cute that I had to include it! It features songwriter Piotr Rubik’s two year-old daughter. She doesn’t really know what a melody is yet on this song, but that makes her singing on the second chorus just that much cuter.


What are your favorite mother / musician duets? How about favorite songs for mother’s day in general?

Let me know! 😉



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