New Machine Gun Kelly video is… a 49 Minute Musical?

Written by on January 21, 2021


Machine Gun Kelly broke huge streaming numbers with  Downfalls High –  an extended 49 minute music video.


Nobody asked for a pop-punk remake of Grease. And yet in just two days, MGK’s strangely familiar, 49 minute music video gathered a whopping 4 million views, finished with 16 million views during its weekend premiere, and gave a boost to his already Billboard charting album “Tickets to my Downfall. “

The mini-movie follows the story of a few characters as they navigate love, friend groups, and social pressures while in high school.  There may not be a popular guy acted by John Travolta, and way more references to emo/alternative culture, but it is definitely a tried and true high-school drama formula.  After all,  every generation has to have their cheesy high school love story. Baby Boomers had “Grease”. Millenials had “High School Musical.” And I guess Gen Z will have “Downfalls High.” 

Circling back to the music however, I do think that there is one noteworthy thing we should probably discuss regarding this video-album: Machine Gun Kelly himself.  There is no doubt that this album is mostly pop-punk, yet MGK definitely harkens back to his hip-hop and rap roots on a few key tracks.  Guest vocals popping up here and there lend tracks a more mainstream rap vibe… but only in the way oregano and red pepper flakes season a pizza.

It’s interesting to see MGK embracing so much of his pop punk side after years of work in the rap genre.  It makes you wonder whether this a permanent change, or just one he implemented for the build up & eventual release of this album + content cycle. Whatever this is, it’s obvious that he’s had a lot of fun with it.  MGK mentioned in an interview with NME that the video-album doesn’t focus on his life, but rather follows the life of a couple of characters that he is simply trying to bring a voice to.

Is it the first concept album centered around characters since Pink Floyd’s THE WALL (as Mr. MGK himself claims?) No.  It is an enjoyable, slightly unoriginal, teenage drama. But nonetheless, for the potential impact that I’m hoping this will have on music videos at large, we  congratulate MGK on the accomplishment.





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