Polish Bodybuilder and Bikini Model at 57 years old!

Written by on January 6, 2021

Wiek to tylko liczba która nic naprawde nie znaczy. Wystarczy popatrzeć na Małgorzaty Chruścickiej.


This week’s honorary “Slav of the Week” is a women who should be motivating us all during this first week of 2021: 57 year old bodybuilder and bikini model Małgorzata Chruścicka

For years Gosia was someone who casually worked out, but after reading an interview with bodybuilder Ania Gołębiowska, she decided it was time to kick things up a notch. At the age of 56, her workout regiment changed to 5 days a week, she became strict about her diet, and started posting progress to new social media accounts. This was last year.

Now Gosia is a signed model with formal contracts, thousands of social media followers, and big dreams. She says you can achieve your goals at any age if you have the determination…  what a role model for 2021!


For Maggie’s interview with First News click here. 



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