Shawn Mendes’ new video had me in “Wonder”

Written by on October 8, 2020

Anyone that knows me will tell you about my love for Shawn Mendez’s music. If I’m ever not sure what to listen to, I know I can always count on him because his music can fit any mood.

So it’s no surprise that I was thrilled when he released his new song “Wonder” last week (and clearly our listeners were too because it passed with 100% on our 30-second music check in). I like the new song, even though I’ll admit that it’s not my favorite by him. But I’m not here to talk about the song.

I’m here to talk about the music video.

Without a doubt, the music video for “Wonder” might just be the best music video I’ve seen in my life. Ever. Seriously. No cap.

Within the first few seconds of watching I was instantly hooked and mouthed the word “wow” to myself (Polar Express vibes?). The shots are stunning, the lighting is enticing, and the editing is on-point. It honestly felt like I was watching a blockbuster movie. What’s more is that the song features mesmerizing harmonies and intense percussion that only add to the “cinematic” experience.

About a third into the video, there is an excellent transition into a completely different setting, which switches up the pace of the video nicely and give the audience more “eye candy.” And how about that dancing? Incredible. The water scene at the end had me literally bobbing my head as a minor adrenaline rush kicked in to my body. When the video ended, the only thing I though was, “how did they pull this off?”

I could write about this video for days, but that wouldn’t do it justice. Watch it for yourself and be amazed.

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