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Written by on November 21, 2020

A taste of 2000’s era Coldplay, with a Polish twist and a big cliffhanger. 


Michał Szczygieł is not a name that immediately comes to mind when thinking of Polish pop artists.  Though he was a finalist on Poland’s edition of The Voice (2017), Szczygieł has released only a handful of tunes and collaborations since.  All are very pleasant to listen to; one even has 7 million streams on Spotify (Nic Tu Po Mine ). Yet to be completely honest, none of them have an element to them that is distinctly… well.. Szczygieł. 

Maybe this is part of the reason why his latest single, Jakby Co, has been stuck in my head so much this week.  It is both sonically and musically a departure from Szczygieł’s normal realm of happy go-lucky, reggae-tinged, pop music. The track opens simply with piano and vocals – Szczygieł getting really honest with the listener from the very first words…

“trudno rano wstać /
ale trudno żyć /
kiedy musisz walczyć sam” /

Waking up is hard, but it’s harder to live when you have to fight alone 

Compared to other artists who are always speaking about hope, Szczygieł ‘s lyrics feel like an brutally honest assessment of how all of us feel entering into month 8 of the pandemic. Some days really do feel bleak.

Yet instead of dwelling in the realm of despair, Szczygieł rises up to tell us in the chorus the importance of simply feeling. Accepting. Being in the moment. There is no magical chord change that makes everything super positive, but the added reverb, distant guitar flourishes and Szczygieł’s determined vocals give the track a power…. not necessarily optimism, but a fighting spirit nonetheless.


“tyle było dni gdy żyłem jak cień
teraz czuje chłód gdy dotyka mnie
jakby co
to ja czuje

So many days I’ve live like a shadow, now there is cold when it touches me. 

If anything…   I feel.   I feel.


My only problem with the track is this: could it be too big of a cliff hanger? Where is the rest of the album? How could he drop this as only a single and leave the rest of us hanging?

This song feels like the opening track on an album, or a new shift on the musical horizon for Szczygieł. I can only hope he continues to explore this new path going forward into the future 🙂



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