Song of the Week: “Malinowy Mus”, a Sweet Visual Treat

Written by on January 8, 2021


Though the song seems to be a hit or miss for some listeners, “Malinowy Mus” certainly makes for a great debut


The song. The video. The vibe.  In my opinion, Barvinsky delivers it all in his debut single”Malinowy Mus.”

In fact, scroll down to take a listen to this song first before you read the rest of this review. You’ll quickly see what I mean. Talk about making an aesthetic splash!

Where shall we start? How about a translation so that our non-Polish speaking friends can catch up to the whole “vibe” party?



Noun: Raspberry Mousse. A fairly popular dessert in Poland.

This song is a little silly, sensual, and sweet, with the main theme comparing the narrator’s sweetheart to malinowy mus –  AKA raspberry mousse. It can be cheesy, even a little cringe-y in moments: Barvinsky seems to act unnecessarily gangster at times when there really is no need. For the most part though, it’s just kind of cute.  The chorus reads:

Owocowy smak ściągam z twoich ust –> I pull a fruity taste from your lips
Roztańczony vibe wbija mi się w mózg —>
Endlessly dancing vibe echoing  in my brain
Jesteś delikatna tak jak mus –>
You are delicate just like raspberry mousse


So much about this song is delicate and simple, just like the subject of the lyrics. The instrumental revolves around a single loop that starts with atmospheric guitar, synth and muted vocals. Drums enter in the first chorus; a light bass line is layered on a little bit later (minus a heavy low EQ).  My ear does long to hear more of a heavier bass drop later in the song, or the additional of a final layer during the last chorus, but the switching between Michal Szczygiel’s and Barvinksy’s verses is just subtle enough to keep the song interesting without blocking the flow.

My friend, upon her first listen to this song, had a really interesting way of describing this feel: “heaven’s waiting room”. The beat doesn’t really go anywhere but it’s the repetition that makes it entrancing.



And finally….  we gotta talk about the music video!

I absolutely love the way Barvinsky uses raspberry mousse as a visual motif as well as a lyrical one.  The marriage of pink layers with pastel gives everything a wonderfully whimsical feel, which is only exaggerated by the additional of ridiculous elements like an alpaca, furry cars, and flower bed trucks. It’s almost Wes Anderson in nature – perhaps a subconscious influence?

In any case, you gotta go check it out for yourself.  Barvinsky featuring Michal Szczygiel: Malinowy Mus.  A perfect vibe that we will hopefully get more of in 2021.


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