Song of the week  – Nowator, Trzeba Świrować 

Written by on November 6, 2020


Nowator, Paprodziad and Kalamaga bring the sunshine & positive vibes to their latest collab track. 


It’s been a heck of a week.  I’m not sure I would be writing about this song under normal circumstances, but with election uncertainty, concern over employment, and a looming 2nd wave of COVID cases, tensions are rife. Breaking up this wall of stress is absolutely essential for our sanity. 

Enter Nowator. And Paprodziad. And Kalamaga. Their goofy song “Trzeba Swirowac” has saved my mood quite a few times during this trying week.


Let me explain.  


First of all, Swirowac  is just a great, easy-going,  head-bobbing song. The upbeats and instrumental flow give the song a reggae flavor. Each rapper’s style compliments the other; verses are quick,  funny, and not-overly complex (in the best sense of the term.) 

Second – and this may make me sound lame to all of the hip, young Polish folks out there –   I love the word “swirowac”.  Not only is it a fun word to say (sh-vee-roh-va-tch), it also has a couple of fun meanings. 

According to Słownik Języka Polskiego . pl,


świrować -ruję, -rują


  1. pot. «tracić rozum»   —> (Eng: verb, to lose one’s reason)
  2. pot. «zachowywać się dziwacznie lub niepoważnie»  —> (Eng: verb, to act in a weird or not serious manner)


Which means the first line of the chorus roughly translates to 

“You gotta act crazy so you don’t go crazy”.

Trzeba swirowac zeby nie zwariowac

Big 2020 mood. 


Another one of my favorite lines is during Nowator’s rap where he says,

“Mam kilka drzewek więc  / (I have a couple of trees so)

podlewam je,  / (I water them)

podlewam je  / (I  water them)

Owoce z nich zjem.  / (And I’ll eat their fruits.)

It’s one of the few serious lyrics in this song, and acts as a good reminder to focus on what you yourself can control. As important as it is to keep informed, make sure it doesn’t come at the costs of the goals you’ve already set for yourself. Keep growing. Keep watering your tree! 

And don’t take yourself too seriously. Afterall, it’s just like the Beatles said…


When I find myself in times of trouble,

Pan Nowator comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom –

Trzeba Świrować..”


Or something like that…. Right? 😉 


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