We know there are a lot of things that aren’t allowed on airplanes. The TSA is hard at work making sure none of them get on board. Sometimes they run into very unique contraband. They put together a video of the top weirdest items they have confiscated at airports in 2020. Check out the video […]

Despite the wacky year that 2020 has been, we still got to enjoy the fresh sounds of new music and artists. Each member of WPNA-FM put together a playlist of their top 2020 songs. Below are 20 of Peter’s favorites. The full playlist can be listened to here. (In no particular order) “Golden”, Harry Styles […]

We spent a lot of time on our couches watching a lot of TV this year. What were some of your favorite TV shows to watch this year? Rolling Stones just put out their list of the top 20 of this year. See if your favorites ended up on it! 1. “Better Call Saul”, AMC […]

This year saw us at home for most of the time. That caused a lot of people to go out and find a new companion in quarantine. Many cats and dogs found new homes this year and also new names. Here are the most popular names for cats and dogs in 2020. Look to see […]

Every year, Spotify releases stats of the most streamed content on the app. It ranges from most streamed artist to most streamed album to the most streamed song of the year. Here are some of the “Trends That Shaped Streaming” in 2020: The Most Streamed Artists of this year were Bad Bunny, Drake, J Balvin, Juice […]

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