Part of our ongoing Black History Month Chicago Shout-Out Series! Read the first chapter of this blog here.  Shoutout #2 : Daniel Bernard Roumain (or DBR) Daniel Bernard Roumain is a Haitian-American composer, performer, violinist, and band-leader best known by his nickname – DBR.  What DBR is perhaps best known for is his fusion […]

  Chicago may not be the oldest city in the United States, but its centralized location has made it a prime place for musicians to gather for years. It’s where musicians have historically brought their heritage to jam sessions, stewed things together, and created something new. It’s how Chicago music staples have come about, like […]

  Though MF Doom was a New York rapper, he certainly got a Chicago style send off. Murals honoring the deceased rapper popped up on buildings along the train tracks in Logan Square. They depict a man in a supervillan style mask: a nod to MF DOOM’s persona, inspired by the Marvel Universe.  Doom (birth […]

  Tak jak zawsze, nowy rok przyniósł w mieście Chicago nowe zmiany. Here’s a quick list of new rules we can expect from the city (and Illinois in general) this year. The Good COVID Business Relief Extensions on permits Minimum Wage increase to $15 / hour for large businesses, $14.50 for workers at businesses less […]

  2020 has been one hell of a year for everyone. It’s been exhausting, confusing, and has exposed a lot of things we’ve all known for a long time – most importantly, the need to help out those around us. Let’s keep the love going throughout the rest of the year.  If you’ve got something […]

Episode 1 of The Helpful Bean Podcast Recorded over Zoom. July 2020.     The season of giving is here! As we approach the holidays, giving back to our community seems more important than ever this year. So in honor of the holidays – and the spirit of giving – I’ve decided to release one […]

Karolina (DPSA President, Right) and Marlena (DPSA Event Chair, Left) in the WPNA Interview Booth Co to znaczy być Amerykaninem polskiego pochodzenia? How do we celebrate our mixed heritage in the states – especially during Polish Heritage Month? 🧐 For the next couple of weeks, Peter and I will be interviewing Polish clubs from all […]

Ale świat jest mały! W ostatnią sobotę, znalazłam się w butiku sukien weselnych, po raz drugi w życiu. Pierwszy raz byłam w połowie września  w David’s Bridal i miałam uczucie… no… po prostu takie sobie. It wasn’t bad, but my first visit to a wedding dress shop didn’t really give me any information I didn’t […]

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