There are about 14 religious holidays and observances celebrated throughout the month of December, but none quite as heavily monetized, commercialized and prosperous as Christmas in the United States.  An abundance of Christian culture, drive towards assimilation and Christmas’s massive commercial success over the decades are just some of the reasons why this […]

Gift shopping is nearly always stressful. You want to make someone happy and have them enjoy your gift, but how do you know what they would like? It’s especially difficult when you don’t really know the person and their preferences. I’ve been having this issue with several of my friends, so I decided to take […]

Naprawde czułam świąteczny nastrój dzisiaj w pracy 🙂 Despite a crazy year, the decorations we’ve put up on the WPNA studio is making the whole gang get into the holiday spirit.   Here’s a little tour of what we’ve  set up. Hope it gets you in the Christmas Spirit ! ~ Adela

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