Each year, the Mies van der Rohe Award  – or the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture –  is given out to the most intriguing pieces of architecture in the E.U.  Due to delays with the pandemic, this upcoming year’s awards encompass a larger scale of buildings; to be nominated, the buildings must be […]

Polish cuisine. Ah, the crème of the crop. My mouth is already salivating just thinking about placki ziemniaczane sizzling on a stovetop and the comforting aroma of a warm bowl of zurek.  If you’re like me, then you grew up eating Polish food and have continued to love it. But what always intrigues me is […]

Mural of Pope John Paul II, first Polish Pope, painted on the side of an apartment complex in Stalowa Wola If you enter any Polish household at random, chances are you will find a picture of Pope John Paul II. He was an important symbol for the nation;  Jan Pawel II był symbolem nie tylko […]

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