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Written by on March 11, 2021

Part of our Women’s History Month series about Chicago women musicians. For part one of this series, click here.


Blog #2 – Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen posing for the cover of her album “All Mirrors”

Though Angel Olsen wasn’t born in Chicago, it was her move to the windy city that ended up defining her career.  The Missouri-born songwriter has been in love with music since early childhood. After learning the guitar, dabbling in piano, and starting to develop her own songs, she decided to move to Chicago soon after graduating high school.

It wasn’t till after signing with Jagjaguwar Records in 2013 that her career really began taking off.  Her albums began hitting the US Folk / Rock charts, she scheduled tours worldwide, and quickly became one of the faces people thought of when discussing modern folk musicians. She also developed a huge following thanks to features on several prominent Spotify playlists worldwide.

Apart from gathering a following of loyal listeners, Olsen has also had music featured in Netflix releases (including 13 Reasons Why), collaborated with a multitude of other musicians and released several remixes of popular songs.


For more info about Angel Olsen, check out her website : https://angelolsen.com/

Debut Album:  

  • Halfway Home – Released in 2012 on Bathetic Records 


Author’s favorite album:

  • Burn Your Fire for No Witness – Released 2014


  •  All Mirrors   – released 2019


Fun Facts: 

  • Born in Missouri. Broke through in Chicago. Now lives in North Carolina
  • Absolutely adores movies from the 1950s. Some of her favorites include ‘9 to 5 ‘ and ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’
  • Writes and directs most of her own music videos, making the experience of watching her music videos even more interesting for fans trying to understand the meaning of her songs


Listen to her latest album “Whole New Mess” 



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