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Written by on March 25, 2021

Part of our Women’s History Month series about Chicago women musicians. For part one of this series, click here.


Blog #4 – Emily Blue

Emily Blue posing for the announcement of her project “The Afterlove”

To wrap up the end of Women’s History Month,  I thought it’d be nice to choose an independent artist from Chicago. A young woman who has already started to make a big impact in her hometown.  Someone people should know.

Emily Blue came to mind immediately.

A singer, songwriter, performer and activist, Emily Blue is a powerhouse like few others.  She moved to Chicago from Urbana Champaign after high school in an effort to get more recognition & opportunities for her band Tarra Tarra. This move sparked a myriad of opportunities, from working at Chicago label  “AudioTree”,  to touring with her band, and eventually a record label deal after the release of her EP “Another Angry Woman”. 

For a debut work, Another Angry Woman  was very daring in its themes. It dealt with difficult topics surrounding womanhood, including rape, trauma and discovering yourself amid societal expectations. Her courage and fantastic musicianship quickly gathered a positive acclaim. This coupled with a hiatus taken by her band in 2017 allowed Emily Blue to pursue music…. in whatever form it took.

Shifting formats has been a staple for Emily throughout her career so far. From light rock to glitch-pop and even a dabble in death metal, her dedication to making a song’s music fit its theme has resulted in a fascinating discography that’s unique to her persona. It’s also one of the reasons why I truly believe she will continue to grow in popularity: there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Emily Blue’s music.

Apart from musical prowess, Emily Blue has also collected quite the resume of collaborations. She’s worked with Nikon to film her music video “Falling in Love”, worked with multiple organizations to raise money for trans and LGBT rights, and many more actions. No matter what’s going on, Emily always seems to have a project in the works!  🙂


Be sure to check out her official website for more about this versatile artist: https://www.emilybluemusic.com/


Debut Album:  

  • Another Angry Woman – Released in 2016


Author’s favorite songs:

  • So hard to choose… but it’s between Cellophane,  17, Lavender, or Boys


Author’s Favorite Music video


Fun Facts: 

  • Also plays in a band called Tarra Tarra 
  • Hosted and ran an LGBTQ+ music festival in 2019
  • Has won Chicago Reader’s Best Pop Artist in 2019, and has been nominated again for Best Pop Artist of 2020


Browse her full discography on BandCamp:




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