Half a foot of snow in Chicago so Peter and Adela take you through the best things to do while it’s cold; Peter fails Adela’s quiz about drinks; and Coca-Cola has a new flavor of coke…. coffee.

Peter survived a weekend of skiing; we know who’s going to the Super Bowl; and some Polish words don’t translate well to English.

  Henry “Papcio Chmiel” Chmielewski, creator of the “Tytus, Romek i Atomek Series”, died on January 21st 2021.    The most popular comic book author in Poland has passed away at the age of 97 years old. Henry Chmielewski – pen name Papcio Chmiel – is best known for creating the “Tytus, Romek i Atomek” […]

  Machine Gun Kelly broke huge streaming numbers with  Downfalls High –  an extended 49 minute music video.   Nobody asked for a pop-punk remake of Grease. And yet in just two days, MGK’s strangely familiar, 49 minute music video gathered a whopping 4 million views, finished with 16 million views during its weekend premiere, […]

Peter and Adela share the latest good news; the wiener mobile is looking for a new driver; and Adela>Magda.

Po długim konkursie, Anna-Maria Jaromin zwyciężyła jako Miss Polski 2020!   This past weekend we finally learned the results of the Miss Polski 2020 competition. Taking home the winner’s crown this year was Anna-Maria Jaromin: a 22-year old studying internal security with an emphasis on psychoanalytic criminology. She also has a passion for horse riding, […]

Anne-Marie x KSI x Digital Farm Animals połączyli siły, tworząc podnoszący na duchu, nowy numer “Don’t Play”, który właśnie trafił do serwisów streaminowych a towarzyszący mu klip na YouTube. Podbity garage’owym bitem, pełen emocji utwór łączy wspaniały wokal Anne-Marie, niewymuszony flow KSI oraz produkcję Digital Farm Animals, stanowiąc remedium na styczniową chandry. Klip, nawiązujący tematem […]

Elon needs some help with his Twitter; it’s national popcorn day; and Adela gets help for putting together the ultimate wedding playlist.  

It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Dad jokes are king; and we ask you what your biggest mistake at work has been.

  Legendy nigdy nie umierają: żyją w naszych sercach, w naszych historiach, i oczywiscie, w naszych piosenkach. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I thought I’d share with everyone a few of the songs that keep Dr. King’s legend alive. They are in all sorts of genres by all sorts of artists: written […]

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