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On behalf of 103.1 FM Polskie Radio and JD, we are very excited to have San Diego DJ, DJ Hey, as a guest on the “Party Zone Show.” As a blind DJ, she utilizes special equipment in order to perform. Using muscle memory of her gear, and knowledge of the music, she is able to […]

I’ve been DJing for 22 years and started with all vinyl on some sketchy belt driven turn tables. It only got better from there. I played at house parties and random guest spots then moved into weddings and events. I’ve retired from weddings and now I play whenever I get a change to set a […]

For Mike Barnes the music always comes first. The American born and German perfected top DJ/producer has always found the way over the years to evolve electronic dance music. Simply listen to his work to hear him continue to push the musical envelope. In other words, absolutely flawless, pulse-driving big room, top 40, and mash […]

DJ Cross of Farris Wheel Records has been a pillar in Chicago’s Nightlife and the music scene of its surrounding suburbs for over 20 years. Inducing alluring vibes by intermixing genres, DJ Cross is well-acclimated with setting not only the tone, but introducing you to an unmatched experience. This caliber of talent makes him a […]

Jake Dokic aka Mimik originally from Serbia currently living in Chicagoland area has been in dj world over 20 years now and mostly playing Trance music but also Techy styles or anything with energy & drive. This guest mix is melody driven with a few newer remixes of classic Trance tracks.

DJ Wild West has been into music since a very young age. He was introduced to house music in the early 90’s when a friend took him to see Bad Boy Bill play in his hometown. After that, West was hooked and spent the next few years perfecting his craft. Since then DJ Wild West […]

DJ Erge has been moving crowds at various venues across Chicago, Las Vegas, Manila Philippines. From the age of 14 he developed his skills behind the turntables as he watched and learned from his brother, Jason Santos – former member of Audio Network Productions. Also an inspiration to Erge was Tony Cabrera of the magnificent […]

Raised on the northside of Chicago in the early 80’s I would listen to disco, funk and house music on 102.7fm WBMX that caught my interest for the love of music. Currently producing house dance/tracks. You can find my productions on, Traxsource, Beatport, Spotify, Amazon, Apple music….  

Ronald Michael Carroll is an American DJ, singer, songwriter and producer. He is primarily known in the house music circuit. Carroll has worked with many of house’s most famous producers, including E-Smoove, Maurice Joshua and Bob Sinclar. He has also produced, usually with partner Spero Pagos, for other vocalists or his own songs. Musical career […]

Tima Fei, is a Chicago-trained and Ukrainian-born artist, music producer, DJ with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. As a marketing strategist, creative director and co-creator at NORdjs Tima had a chance to work and to be featured at some of the culturally leading settings such as; Spybar, Crobar, Sound-Bar, Ultra Festival, […]

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