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One of the craziest Polish traditions is Wet Monday – also known as Śmigus Dyngus! It is an ancient pagan tradition held in Poland on the Easter Monday. On this day, boys try to catch girls by surprise by splashing them with water. It has its roots in old Slavic traditions of throwing water on […]

In Poland, święconka or “the blessing of the Easter baskets” is very important tradition on Holy Saturday. This tradition dates back to the 7th century, when was a form of a pagan ritual. Nowadays Easter basket is traditionally lined with a white linen or lace napkin and decorated with sprigs of boxwood and filled with […]

In an era where most major popstars have foresaken the art of album arrangement, AJR brings an album that can be enjoyed through its chart-topping singles or as an album listening experience.  Look – I have to preface this review by saying that I’m probably seeing it (at least partially) through rose-colored glasses. That’s because […]

Minęły zaledwie dwa tygodnie od premiery fenomenalnie przyjętego przez fanów i środowisko muzyczne singla „Powinnam?”. Natalia idzie za ciosem i prezentuje nowy utwór. Przedstawiamy „Połóż się tu” – kolejną odsłonę zbliżającego się albumu Natalii Szroeder.   Natalia o piosence: „Ten utwór to kartka z mojego pamiętnika, tak już całkiem precyzyjnie – z 14go maja 2020. Piosenkowo porymowana, ciut […]

The tradition of decorating the eggs for Easter was present on the Polish lands throughout the centuries. Pisanki are usually made during the Holly Week, Pisanki are then added into special Easter baskets along with other symbolic food products, and blessed on the Holy Saturday in churches. According to tradition, pisanki should be eaten on Easter Sunday […]

Polish Traditions: Palm Sunday (Niedziela Palmowa) Palm Sunday – the day commemorating Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem – is an important celebration that occurs one week before Easter. Tradition dictates that “palms” be brought to church on this day to be blessed. Yet what happens when palms don’t grow in your country? In Poland, this […]

Pop-punkowy zespół All Time Low zaskoczył fanów i właśnie wydał nowy singiel “Once In a Lifetime” Multiplatynowa formacja All Time Low wróciła z nowym singlem “Once In A Lifetime”. Utwór dostępny jest we wszystkich serwisach streamingowych, a towarzyszący mu klip, który wyreżyserował Max Moore, można obejrzeć na YouTube. Pracując nad piosenką, muzycy ponownie połączyli siły […]

Part of our Women’s History Month series about Chicago women musicians. For part one of this series, click here.   Blog #4 – Emily Blue Emily Blue posing for the announcement of her project “The Afterlove” To wrap up the end of Women’s History Month,  I thought it’d be nice to choose an independent artist […]

Marzanna is the Polish name for a Slavic goddess associated with death, winter and nature. Every year, on the first day of spring, people would make an effigy, set it on fire, and then drown it in a river. The aim of this pagan ritual is to chase off winter and encourage the return of springtime.  Marzanna […]

Part of our Women’s History Month series about Chicago women musicians. For part one of this series, click here.   Jennifer Hudson performing at Aretha Franklin’s Tribute Concert, 2020.  When someone mentions the name Jennifer Hudson, what word first comes to mind? An incredible voice? A beautiful actress? Or perhaps super-star, fashionista, or philanthropist?  This phenomenal […]

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