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Hitting the Play button for the first time on the decks in the year 2000, Dj Magix has been an icon in Chicago and surrounding suburbs for over 2 decades with much anticipation and success of monitoring the dancefloor movements throughout Chicago, from state to state and even internationally. Prior to the true “DJ-Life”, this Chicago native, in the very young days, stumbled upon the 10 O’clock Street Mix on the local Chicago radio waves, which have truly inspired him to do what was heard on air – Be it, performing the amazing dance music, master the Dj tricks, sampling and edits. Everything broadcasted was very mesmerizing to his ears. From day to night, much practice, trial and error was an appreciated task to fulfill the dream of being a DJ. Landing his first official DJ gig in 2003, the doors were opened from there on out. Dj Magix has always appreciated a unique and high-energy variation of dance music to continuously deliver the most exciting sets, mixes and performances to all listeners at every venue. Thus, more bookings, new nightclubs, contacts and residencies sparked all over as fast as he ever dreamt of. Having released over 100 different Mix CD series, which were sold throughout Chicago & The burbs, were an amazing time as well as a perfect way to have listeners enjoy some of those fresh beats. Even possessing a handful of featured production releases on Beatport, iTunes, Amazon & other digital music platforms. Performing alongside major artists such as Cascada, Lady Gaga, Basshunter, Groove Coverage, Headhunterz, Deorro, Iav Van Dahl, Baby Bash, ATB, Dj Bl3nd and dozens of more throughout hundreds of venues and different cities – DJ Magix certainly enjoyed delivering sounds to everyone and everywhere, as well as creating unbelievable memories.
” Feeling the frequencies, or – music, is absolutely the best way to make sure that everyone, at the same time, will have a great and really fun experience together.   After realizing that and seeing how happy a DJ can make the crowd, you just cannot explain just how awesome that feels.” 
Delivering select Dance Music to everyone’s ears will always be Magix’s guilty pleasure. The journey continues and Dj Magix is thrilled to still be alongside many TOP Talent artists and rising stars.


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