k2k the dj Podcast no.07 – Melodic Session

k2k the dj August 31, 2020


Hello all of you. This is my podcast for #lockdown time. A small journey from deep sounds thru electronic melodies combined with techno. Enjoy.
track list :
01-Five Minutes (Zimmer Remix) – Her
02-Jericho (Original Mix) – BAAL
03-Vanadis (Original Mix)- Jeremy Olander, MOLØ
04-Ritual (Original Mix) – Brigado Crew
05-Strive – Weekend Heroes, Miper
06-FM (Original Mix) – Crisstiano, Brigado Crew
07-Arteon (Dealing With God) – Aether
08- Image (Original Mix) – Alberth
09-Lonesome Ghosts (Original Mix) – Collective States
010-Hide Away Feat. Stee Downes (Monastetiq Remix) – Anturage & Alexey Union
011-Moses (Original Mix) – Township Rebellion
012-Visions (Township Rebellion Remix) – Lane 8, RBBTS
013-Terraform – k2k the dj
014-Revenant (Original Mix) – Oliver Winters
015-Redemption (Original Mix) – Detrusch

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