KDVL – (MIX 001)

KDVL April 5, 2019



A short story into the world of ethereal and melodic techno, first episode of Rebirth Podcast series.

Often biographies are overrun with superlatives: One of the youngest, a most talented audio freak with extraordinary presence and super creativity. But superlatives often distract from what is essential: the music, Kaj relinquishes himself from these kind of terms and lets his music speak for itself. He is passionate about electronic music, working as a DJ since 2008. His „definition of sound“ stands out through highly complex sound, audio design variations with a lot of small details which make the tracks very lively and specific tech-house grooves and is simply described best as, underground house and techno.
“Sometimes you need to shake up your own world and the people around you.”

KDVL (KAJ) – Bucharest, Romania

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