Labor of Love

WPNA 103.1 FM July 27, 2018

This summer, Road 28 Productions, LLC along with Fr. Gerald Gunderson from Mary, Seat of Wisdom Parish (MSW) in Park Ridge, we will embark on a trip to Zambia, Africa, to work on a documentary film titled “Labor of Love”. The film will tell the story of how the isolated rural community of Chikwa in the Eastern Province of Zambia has been inspired to form a parish in the midst of brutal temperatures, insufficient water, chronic hunger, extreme poverty and insufficient social service. Through a narrative, on-location footage, live interviews and beautiful cinematography “Labor of Love” will paint a highly cinematic multi-layered portrait of the lives of the residents of the Luangwa River Valley. The title “Labor of Love” (“Ntchito ya Chitemwano” in Tumbuka, the native language) encompasses the film’s story line, which will explore Fr. Wilfred Bwezany Phiri’s devotion for Chikwa community and a true brotherhood manifested by Park Ridge parishioners building an empowering bridge across the ocean. Road 28 is working on this project pro-bono and since we are each permitted to take an additional suitcase, we would like to appeal for help to fill them with medical supplies, school supplies and toys. While this month the parishioners of MSW Parish will be collecting medical supplies, Road 28 (KingaKuba) is reaching out to you, asking to help us to purchase things like: small sporting items, children’s games, some office supplies like: note-pads, etc. Another option is to sponsor an individual child by paying his/her school fees. The fees for Chama South Secondary School, which is a boarding school, are K1,200 (about US $120) per term. All donations are tax deductible. If you wish to help, please contact us via private message for more information. To learn about Chikwa Parish visit MSW’s YouTube channel to see our promotional video for this project:
Thank you in advance for your help and kindness.

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