Lake Superior Performance Rally 2019 & the end of the ARA Season

WPNA.FM October 21, 2019

The 2019 season of the American Rally Association is all wrapped up. Polish rally racer hailing from Chicago managed a 3rd place finish at the final stage of the season in Houghton, Michigan at the Lake Superior Performance Rally. Through a grueling and tough season there were many ups and downs, as well as moments of complete victory and defeat. Piotr Fetela managed to rack up 86 points earning him a 4th overall position. Ending up behind teams such as Subaru Rally Team USA and McKenna Motorsports, both teams with massive budgets. But as one season wraps up, in the mind of Fetela the next is already being planned. Driver of car #94 sits down with Mateusz Pankiewicz in the WPNA studios to discuss the long road through ARA 2019.

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