SONIC ENCOUNTERS OF THE 3rd KIND | Week 11 | 4.29.21 | 103.1 FM Chicago

WPNA.FM April 29, 2021

My weekly musical showcase where you can expect the unexpected. A collage of lesser known tunes and tracks, music that will never see the light of day on commercial radio and some that may actually crossover. I’ll be reaching into many music bins therefore this will be a program without a particular music profile yet have an overall energetic and curious characteristic. Music from all over the world including hand picked numbers from current Polish artists as well as French and Scandinavian productions among others. I’ll be serving mostly electronic compositions – whatever I fancy at the time. My selections should always evoke emotion, elevate the state of mind, and soothe the soul and my DJ instincts are going to maintain the kinetic aspect of the chosen tracks. And lastly, you may hear a very well known hit from previous decades. Those however, will not air in their original form. Thursdays at 6pm CST 103.1FM Chicago. Stream at or “WPNA-FM” in the app store.

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